Pain: Memories of the Heart


I really wish I could bring back the time;
When it’s just me, myself and I;
When I’m still innocent and fine;
And “I love Mama” is my line.

At the time of my teens;
I’ve met friends and lot of peers;
We talk about boys and dares;
And hang out on night parties.

Those moment I am happy;
Didn’t forget study and responsibility;
Life is going round and round;
With all my precious possesions abound.

Then I’ve met that “Special Someone”;
Like he’s from a fancy fairytale once;
With his melody and charming stance;
I’m swept off my feet at a glance.

We grew so much in love and all;
My love whom I gave my soul;
Didn’t realize I’m dreaming of false;
And down I go, because i Fall.

I looked at myself, used and degraded;
The fall I took had me incapacitated;
Nothing left, bleeding and wounded;
Never thought you’d left me dead.

How did it happen and lead to this?
When all I chose is happiness;
Didn’t thought I’d end in bruises;
Instead of love as red as roses.

As I looked back at the time;
Just happy to receive a dime;
When all I still know is “Barney!”
Instead of my dear “Honey”.

Wish I could bring back the years;
Crying over spilled milk and fears;
Cradled by my Momma to cheer;
Her heartbeat, the only music I hear.

– Memoirs of my Heart

A Postaday for Memorize


4 thoughts on “Pain: Memories of the Heart

    1. Great post! I can relate much. I’m definitely in a situation right now where everything I decided take wrong turns… Sometimes we also need to appreciate the good in every bad situation because nothing in life is perfect. Definitely puts me in my toes…thanks for dropping by…


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